Monday, September 2, 2013

Producing a Play!

I am bouncing off the walls with the excitement of announcing my first self produced show! I will be producing Fifty Words by Michael Weller and will be starring in it alongside the amazing Ciaran Sheehan (B'WAY - Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis). This is a role I have been pining after for some time now and I couldn't be happier about this project.

A little about the show...
On the first night alone since their son was born, Adam and Jan deal with the complications of marriage, passion, parenting, resentment, and above all, love.  
We will open Feb 7th and run through Feb 22nd at The Gene Frankel Theater in NYC. 

My First Official IMDB Credit!!

I have my official IMDB credit! I filmed Midnight Delight directed by Rohit Gupta.  I played a know-it-all stoner/gym rat who might have just found love in an underground pot club...

For Kamera - Short Film

I've been lazy about my updates!  I recently shot "For Kamera," a short film about a man who will do anything not to lose custody of his child in a a divorce. I played the lawyer sister of the man who is trying to keep him from flying off the handle.

Can't wait for the post production work to finish so we can all see the final product!