Monday, March 7, 2011

Come celebrate Women's History Month with our Source of Women week!

Starting on Tuesday the 8th -International Women's Day- the V-Day "THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES 2011" benefitting the Project Girl Performance Collective.

Featuring: Liz Kelley, Maggie Alexander, Danielle Alonzo, Amy Bohaker, Karen Bray, Catie Choatie, Helene Galek, Maeri Hedstrom, Jenny Green, Havilah Imfeld, Fiona Jones, Starr Kirkland, Christine McKenna, Ella Mische,... Amber Bela Muse, Melissa Riker, Jen Thatcher, Chanel Thomas, Elspeth Turner, Aimee Whelan

8pm. Tickets are $11 and can be reserved through Theatermania:

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